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Entry #1

In the process... a very long and poorly drawn process.

2008-10-06 12:36:40 by CBJ3

Yeah, working on a music video type flash movie for my second submission. I'm 30 seconds into a 3 minute song and I'm already bald from pulling out my hair (j/k). So yeah, for every-none of you who are concerned, just letting you know.



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2008-10-06 13:36:43

Go for it, I'm working on some fresh submissions myself between 3-5 minutes long. We'll see how it goes when it makes it to judgement :D

Share some ideas with me on this one, seems interesting.

CBJ3 responds:

Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, it's going well so far, but much farther to go. It involves two sword fighters, one colored green and the other red (typical Star Wars good guy bad guy cliche lol). Each sword clash or clash/movement of any kind is synced with the song. Good luck on yours!